Gay Love & Dating

Your Guide to Love, Dating & Relationships

Now that 17 countries and 38 US states recognize same-sex marriage it is time to get inspired by some super cute gay weddings around the world.

There is a very real chance that  marriage equality will be a reality in all US states and in all western countries in a very near future.

We hope these stories of gay marriage bliss will be an inspiration to everyone.

7 Signs That He Really Likes You
I'm sure it's hard enough finding a partner in the "straight world" but when you add the limited dating pool we have to deal with the challenge just seems overwhelming. First you have to figure out if the guy you're crushing on is gay or not, then you have to go through all that "normal" guesswork of whether or not he is liking you back. Of course it's really all about the age old question: He likes me, he likes me not. So how do you go about to figure that out?
Kids' Amazing Reaction to Gay Issues
Children grow up to see homosexuality as wrong when their parents and the community around them teach them so by their words and their actions. When children grow up in a warm and inclusive environment, they learn to appreciate love for what it is - pure and simple.
Top Gay Love Memes
Always the trend setters, gays have never been afraid of embracing cool concepts and many of the best memes out there are gay related. A meme (/ˈmiːm/ meem) is "an idea, behaviour, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture." Here are some of the best memes we have found related to gay love on the Internet.
Infographic: Gay Love Fun Facts & Figures
Did you know that - according to surveys - at least 9 million LGBT people live in the U.S., which is 3.8 % of the adult population? Approximately 1 million children in the U.S. are being raised by same-sex couples, and the state with the most gay couples is California, with approximately 92,138 couples.
Best Bar Conversation Starters Ever
So you see this cute guy at the bar and you think he is WAY out of your league. Well, you should'nt. You don't know what he is looking for. How do you know that you aren't the guy in his dreams? He may have tried to find a guy just like you for years so get the conversation going with these five conversation starters.
The bitterness of love lost
We tend to turn to romance as though it were yet another commodity to obtain and neatly fit into our daily routine, like updating a database or attending a monthly steering committee. We see a profile online and confidently foresee a zillion nights of perfect compatibility broken up by occasional bouts of passion. 
Assessing his boyfriend potential
You’ve had a million first dates, it seems, but the nervous anticipation and excitement always seems to show itself through your sweaty palms and rapid heartbeat. What will this meeting be like? Could he be “The One?” Think about some of the following points to help you ponder how you’d like to proceed with this particular gentleman.
Break up do's and don'ts
Your old relationship is over and you are ready for new adventures. You are going into unknown territory - or at least a territory you haven't visited for a while - and it can be tricky to find your way in this new world. Here are some tips on what to do and not to do before throwing yourself into a new romance.
You are number 1
We as gay men have no examples to live by. We have no role models. We don’t have the Ward and June Cleaver’s of the world to tell us how relationships are supposed to work. So where do we look for our role models? We don’t. And that’s why my therapist drives a Benz.
How to kick-start your new life
If you're like most people, you repeatedly decide to change aspects of your life. You plan to start working out more often, redecorate your home, spend more time with your family/friends, etc. etc. And then nothing happens. Well, it's time to do something about it.